How to Write a Cause and Effect Essay and Interesting Topics?

Cause and effect essay is one of the most interesting types of essay writing. It is often assigned to students on all academic levels. This essay helps the students who are always wondering who will write my essay for me to enhance their research skills as an essay writer. You must have good research skills to write this essay.

It is a commonly known thing that for every action, there is a chain reaction. Similarly, in a cause and effect essay, we try to explain the why and the how of things. Why something happened and what could be the possible consequences.

Cause and effect essay also helps to polish the problem-solving skills of an individual. By assigning such a college essay, the instructors try to evaluate the writing, analytical, and research skills of a student.

Here we will let you know some quick steps to write a cause and effect essay.

Pick a Topic

The first step, of course, is to have something to write on. There are unlimited ideas that you can choose from.

A good topic for your essay will make the writing process very easy for you. Choosing a topic might be a time-consuming and tiring task. You may seek help from an essay writing service for this purpose.

Make sure you choose an interesting and unique topic.

Conduct Research

Once you have your topic in hand, it’s time that you conduct research on it. Particularly for a cause and effect essay, it is important that you use well-researched and authentic information.

Spend a reasonable amount of time on this and try to collect relevant data from credible sources.

Create an Outline

Being a student you know how important an outline is for any essay. An outline helps you to organize information that needs to go in each section. For a cause and effect essay, there are two different methods of outlining- block structure, chain structure.

In the block structure, you state all the causes of the topic first, followed by the effects.

And the chain structure presents a cause followed by its effect.

Apart from this, in the outline, there are three main elements that you must also mention. Those three elements are:

  1. Introduction
  2. Body paragraphs
  3. Conclusion

Use these steps to craft your essay. If you're still facing a hard time, there is no need to panic, just keep in mind the tips mentioned above.

Interesting Cause And Effect Essay Topics

A good topic can make your essay interesting and appealing to the readers. Choosing the right topic can be very difficult.

Here are some amazing cause and effect essay topics that we have summed up to help you write a good essay.

Cause and effect essay topics for society and health

  1. What factors push the children to go against their parents and guardians?
  2. What psychological effects do violent video games have on children?
  3. How does the gender pay gap affect the working minimum wage?
  4. What are the effects of college education on social interaction in the long run?
  5. What physiological effects can marriage have on a person?
  6. What are the causes and effects of homelessness in developed countries?


Cause and effect essay topics on technology


  1. What are the causes and effects of violent video gaming on the aggressive behavior of teens?
  2. What lifestyle effects can be seen through excessive cellphone use in children?
  3. What effects can artificial intelligence have on the pharmaceutical industry?
  4. What can lead video games to become associated with psychological rewards?
  5. What has caused smartphones to have such an effect on learning development?
  6. How have data analytics been able to analyze the causes and effects of terrorism?


Good cause and effect topics on education and society

  1. What are the causes and effects of high school dropout rates?
  2. Why are many children in an inferiority complex and what has caused this?
  3. What were the causes of the First World War and what effects it has till now?
  4. What are the reasons for homeschooling children and what effects does this have?
  5. What are the causes of school shootings and how do gun laws affect this?
  6. What are the reasons behind coed schooling and how does this affect society?


Interesting Cause and Effect Essay Topics

  1. What are the effects of border patrols on American immigration?
  2. How does calling a child gifted to have an effect on them psychologically?
  3. What were the reasons behind Korea’s split and what effects did it have?
  4. What were the causes of the 60s feminist movement and what effect has it had?
  5. What were the reasons behind colonialism and did it impact Britain?
  6. What are the causes and effects of psychedelic drugs on short-term memory loss?


Miscellaneous Cause And Effect Essay Topics

  1. What effects do NGOs have on terrorism in poor and underdeveloped countries?
  2. What psychological benefits do cheap drugs have on the body?
  3. How is the gender pay gap creating insecurities and racism in the workplace?
  4. What are the causes and effects of poor quality water in urban areas?
  5. What causes and effects do fake news have on society?
  6. What cultural effects does birth control have on women’s rights?


These topics will definitely help you write a good cause and effect essay. Still, you are running out of time, and have a writing assignment to complete, hit up an essay writing service.

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